GNS BIO GNS BIO is a joint venture of Somang Global and Gaeun Hospital

Corporate Philosophy
Its major purpose is to study how to treat and prevent diseases for humans and animals that co-exist in the same environment. Its study and product development focuses on strengthening natural immunity and creating healthy society.
Research Objective
Today people are subject to diseases including cancer from the lack of balance in immune system due to genetic, environmental factors and stress. GNS BIO aims at developing anticancer medicines that strengthen immune cells, thus preventing and treating cancer and other diseases in humans and animals.
Research Strategy
1. Aiming at developing medicine to treat immune cells to strengthen immunity based on immune cells and stem cells
2. Setting improved cells in quantity and quality (maximum number of cells, the highest survival rate of cells, the most effective) for our final product
3. Conducting clinical tests on humans and animals and publishing the results; registration of a patent and gain credibility
4. Contributing to public health in the society
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